Coaching, Mentoring & Partnership for People Looking to Make Lasting Positive Change


Our ideal client is a mature change agent in a successful organization with strong ties to the environment. These organizations are motivated to comply with government mandates, fulfill a social license to operate, and satisfy a desire to make the world a better place. Our clients want to do big things. They are well connected within their professions and respective organizations. They are respected, admired, and have developed skills to navigate the political world of their organization and industry associations. They are influential and well-liked.

Our ideal client is sincerely concerned about the environment. They feel a personal connection to nature and love being outdoors, often hiking and documenting what they experience, and sharing their joy of the natural world with others. They want to connect with outside experts who can help advance their cause of stewarding the environment for future generations. As much as they are powerful, they use their influence for people who they believe can make a difference in this cause. They are also keen to see diverse peoples advance in this field, often being involved in youth, civic leadership, and mentoring activities.

Through our work with environmental change agents, we identify and develop the best possible outcomes from environmental assets through Nature-based Solutions (NbS).

Our Ideal Clients’ Top Five Goals

  1. Effect meaningful change within their organization. They want to transform culture, processes, and incentives. They know that for the change to be enduring, they need to provide examples (of how this could work) and modify culture. They must do the doing, but they must also influence and change the culture of their organization.
  2. Sustain the natural environment for the generations who follow. This is deeply personal for them. They feel a personal imperative to produce meaningful outcomes—to make things better. The way they do that on their go-round on Earth is through their community and their work. This is a demonstration of their personal philosophy. They’re “using” their work platform to achieve this.
  3. Empower outside change agents inside their networks. They know that the change they want to see internally likely cannot be affected by internal people. They will have to lead it and fund it, but the knowledge, the will and the mindset does not yet exist internally or with favored-nations contractors to produce necessary change.
  4. Leverage their political acumen to produce meaningful outcomes. They take great pleasure in seeing their influence effect change. They are humble about it. They don’t boss people around. But they have worked long and hard to get to the point where they have political clout so they can leverage it. It’s very satisfying to them to see their clout effect change. They are often relentless and dogged about change and usually won’t stop.
  5. Legacy – to leave the world better than they found it. They feel as if “a portion of my mission is not yet fulfilled.” Their pace and strategy pick up once they pass 50 because they know they have limited time. They become more intentional in taking risks because they’re impatient. They have worked hard to attain an influential role in the organization, and they are compelled to drive progress during their tenure.

Common Elements of Our Ideal Clients’ Organizations

Our clients typically work for Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies that are in resource dependent industries and for public agencies that are entrusted to steward environmental resources. These are the common elements of organizations that we support:

  • Makes public claims and commitments relating to environmental stewardship and sustainability
  • Directly owns and/or manages significant and diverse environmental assets
  • Invests in environmental restoration (for compliance and/or reputational benefit purposes)
  • Faces highly complex environmental and business conflict issues around land use, stakeholder and community relations, and regulatory compliance
  • Desires strategic advisement about sustainability and stewardship issues beyond their in-house expertise