Senior Associate


Karen is passionate about defending ecosystem components in a human-centric world. She has merged careers in international diplomacy, environmental geography, and business development, using analytical thinking and creative facilitation in equal measure to guide diverse clients and stakeholder groups toward innovative solutions to highly complex environmental and social issues. Thrilled by translating business to scientists or conservation policy to the public, Karen has been an educator, mediator, and facilitator to a wide variety of audiences throughout her career and as the principal consultant at Berg Consulting & Design. Her liaison work has ranged across industry, government, tribal, and special interest groups, advancing their objectives to maximize environmental protection within their business economics. Her areas of expertise include environmental planning, sustainable building, native landscapes, recreation, renewable energy, carbon reduction, and corporate positioning and branding as it relates to environmental commitments. Karen brings this multi-disciplinary perspective to projects at the Creekbank, and she works with us at both the micro- and macro-levels to facilitate client relationships, guide project management, and support business operations.