Senior Environmental Markets Advisor


George leverages his deep experience in ecosystem markets, environmental finance, and environmental law to advance outcomes-based environmental solutions using market and performance-based tools. George currently serves as the CEO of Earth Recovery Partners. Immediately prior to starting ERP, George served as a managing director at Quantified Ventures, founder at Bespoke Mitigation Partners and an affiliate member of Earth and Water Strategies. From 2014-2019, he was the Chief Market Officer for Resource Environmental Solutions, which had acquired Environmental Banc & Exchange, a firm he founded in 1997. During his term at RES, the company grew to be the largest ecological offset provider in the world and KKR acquired a majority interest in 2016. At RES, George led market initiatives with a focus on expanding the organization’s client base, geographic footprint, and wetland, stream, nutrient, water, and species offset markets. In this capacity, George spearheaded efforts to open nutrient and stormwater markets in the Chesapeake Bay Region; species markets in the Appalachian, Western, and Mid-Western U.S.; stream markets in Texas and the western U.S.; and wetland and stream restoration projects for water quality and carbon markets. He has worked with numerous resource agencies, landowners, investors, and private and public credit buyers on the implementation of mitigation projects and has promoted new polices at the federal and state levels relating to market-based solutions to achieve environmental objectives.