Senior Scientist


David is a botanist with over three decades of research experience in plant population and community ecology of grasslands, restorations, and agroecosystems with a passion for seeking environmentally sustainable solutions to real-world problems. He has conducted research in North America and Europe addressing both applied and basic questions, working with agricultural chemical manufacturers and state and federal agencies including the Fish & Wildlife Service and the United States Forest Service. Much of his focus has been on threatened and endangered species, non-native invasive species, and agricultural weeds. In addition, he brings to the table skills and expertise in population modeling, multivariate analyses and experimental design. His work has been published in over 150 journal articles and four books including Methods in Comparative Plant Population Ecology, Grasses and Grasslands, and Grasslands and Climate Change, and most recently Planting Clues: How Plants Solve Crimes. As a former Senior Editor with Journal of Ecology he helped guide the development of his discipline. He is Distinguished Professor of Plant Biology at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.