Technical Director and Regulatory Advisor


Dan has extensive experience and passion for stewardship science and quantifying the value propositions and incentives that drive regulatory compliance, ecosystem services, and land stewardship. Much of his work is in agriculture, solving problems related to human health and environmental chemical risk assessment, compliance and regulatory systems, environmental policy, and technical communications. Dan is proficient in numerical simulations development and application, geospatial analytics, data analysis and study design, and quantification of associated conservation metrics. He uses these skills to devise bespoke web-based communication platforms and interfaces that improve on-the-ground conservation outcomes, as well as facilitate internal and external performance analytics and reporting capability. He values effective, engaging communication of technical information to diverse clientele and their stakeholders. In his role as Owner and CEO of Ag Insight, LLC, Dan drives the development of novel mixed science and communication approaches and cultivates a unique professional niche at the intersection of information, data systems, and accessible communication.