Project Scientist


Cody is an aquatic scientist who applies data driven solutions concerning permitting and compliance issues related to fisheries and aquatic environments. He brings a long tenure of research experience in aquatic community ecology, ecosystem shifts related to environmental conditions, habitat associations, ecological statistics, and species distribution modeling. With a focus on best available science and iterative learning, Cody brings insights and practical application to Creekbank’s projects involving aquatic environments, including ESA section 7 consultations, and water quality assessments. In his role as principal of Arrowhead Ecology Group, Cody has worked with clients including the Fish and Wildlife Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, river and aquifer authorities, municipalities, and private companies. He has authored and co-authored numerous academic journal articles and scientific reports ranging from fish and mussel communities in the arid Delaware River basin, to the macroinvertebrate and fish communities of the lower Brazos, Colorado, and Guadalupe rivers.