Project Scientist


Anna Clare is a rangeland ecosystem scientist, systems thinker, synthesizer, and collaborative facilitator. She merges a formal background in both the social sciences and ecological sciences to assist stakeholders in the discovery of common-ground paths for learning, management planning, and long-term thrivability in the interface of ranching and conservation. She has experience in collaborative partnerships, multi-stakeholder rangeland management, ecosystem services valuation, plant-soil-water-carbon dynamics, rotational and adaptive grazing, agrivoltaics, and agent-based modeling. 

Anna Clare enjoys bridging the worlds of science, art, and land management. As a member of the Creekbank Associates team, Anna Clare offers state-of-the-science rangelands management knowledge and practical engagement in environmental market solutions. A rancher herself, she brings her unique skillset to natural resource and grazing management in both her for-profit company, Graze LLC, and non-profit organization, Rangeland Living Laboratory. She holds a B.A. in Comparative Literature and Humanities, an M.A. in Community Counseling, an international Post-Graduate Certificate in Expressive Arts: Therapy, Consultation, and Social Change, an M.S. in Animal Sciences, and a Ph.D. in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability.