Creating A Realistic Vision And Aligned Stakeholders To Ensure Successful Sustainability Outcomes


This service is three-phased coaching and consulting engagement that culminates in a clear and mutually-agreed-upon statement of outcomes for the sustainability function at your organization. On average, it takes from 3-6 months to complete this process, but the impact will last for decades if not longer. The sustainability outcomes statement is a foundational tool that operates like a social compact, guiding the efforts of sustainability leaders and satisfying diverse stakeholder groups.


Delivering Sustainability Messages That Resonate With Internal And External Stakeholders


This service is a one-year coaching engagement between a sustainability leader and Coach Jody Bickel, CEO and Founder of Creekbank Associates. This service is designed to optimize sustainability communications outcomes through a four-phased approach.


Ensuring Sustainability Initiatives Deliver On Public Commitments


This service is a one-year coaching engagement designed to optimize sustainability outcomes through a four-phased approach. Coach Jody Bickel, CEO and Founder of Creekbank Associates, works closely with sustainability leaders to engage in these four phases of activity: assessment, analysis, recommendations and execution.


Achieving Meaningful And Durable Outcomes For Business, Society, Nature And Your Personal Legacy


This service is an annual coaching engagement, parsed across 12 monthly sessions, between a leader charged with environmental and sustainability outcomes and Jody Bickel, CEO and Founder of Creekbank Associates. Usually, these leaders are change agents seeking to achieve big goals and visionary plans, often swimming upstream against a tide of inertia.

Strategic Business and Project Solutions for Ecological & Sustainability Issues

Making Informed Business Decisions About the Environment


This service is a consulting engagement where our team of expert advisors ideate and craft customized strategies that integrate performance-based environmental outcomes into daily business decision-making. The results, for many of our clients, have included new lines of revenue, cost savings and measurable, meaningful conservation progress in meeting their public commitments. After working with multiple extractive industries and entities responsible for millions of acres of natural resources, we noticed three common issues that keep them from effectively caring for these assets, capitalizing on these non-traditional lines of revenue and linking these actions with their environmental promises.

Environmental Performance for Compliance & Voluntary Programs

Making the Most of the Science & Policies for Measuring Ecosystem Values


This service is a consulting engagement where our professional advisors help you understand the state of restoration science, interpret relevant local, national, and global policy frameworks, protocols, and standards and align your activities to achieve the desired environmental outcomes. We identify and recommend the appropriate performance standards and targets based on best available science and your initiatives, goals, and desired timing.

Environmental Mitigation & Restoration

Charting Your Path in Environmental Markets


This service is a consulting engagement where our professional advisors help you to identify and attain your best position as a supplier of environmental mitigation and restoration, including carbon storage, to meet your own internal needs or to monetize in the broader marketplace. Through an iterative discovery and evaluation process, our advisors evaluate the market value potential of your realty assets, provide practical advice on the state of the market and guide deal structuring and negotiation. We can also steward the implementation of projects. The results for many of our clients have included new revenues from idle and stranded realty assets, internal alignment on go-or-no-go decision-making, cost savings in meeting compliance requirements and improved business deal outcomes.

Stakeholder Engagement Process & Project Management

Guiding Participants to Positive Relationships & Productive Outcomes


This service is a consulting engagement where our professional advisors help you to effectively navigate the complex social and technical dynamics of issue resolution within the environmental space. Environmental conflicts related to past promises, damages and high-profile projects frequently generate tensions that threaten forward progress. However, trusted relationships are essential for effective process and change management.