How We Serve Our Clients

We Provide Solutions Across the Suite of Ecosystem Services


Profit, good business practice, and environmental stewardship can align. Creekbank Associates advises on the policy, science and markets associated with environmental asset values within the context of corporate profit motive and public commitment.

We are an agile group of independent professional advisors and technical experts — regulatory specialists, scientists, attorneys, research analysts and project developers — who believe that good business practice and profit can align with real-world environmental outcomes. We develop private sector solutions through regulatory, voluntary, and sustainability metrics and markets to deliver client performance objectives at multiple scales in diverse industries. Through our team of dedicated senior affiliates, we leverage like-minded experts to meet your integrated business and environmental needs.

Through our work with environmental change agents, we identify and develop the best possible outcomes from environmental assets through Nature-based Solutions (NbS).

What are Nature-based Solutions?

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) reflect the commitment of corporate sustainability goals toward stewardship, social, cultural, resource, and environmental responsibility. They do not supplant regulatory compliance requirements but can precipitate innovative problem solving while generating environmental and social value for the company. NbS are value-additive and prioritized and can integrate into existing work streams or any stage of impact, including chemical fates.

Our Technical Consulting Services are Customized to Fit Your Exact Needs

Through our customized client engagement process, we work collaboratively with our client liaison team and decision-makers to ideate, design, and deliver needed solutions. Like most consultants, Creekbank can be engaged on an hourly basis according to client needs. For some clients, or types of projects, a fixed-fee or retainer basis type of contract arrangement may be the best fit approach. Fees are delineated through the same transparent allocations of agreed upon activities regardless of payment structure. The nature of customized work requires scoping the needs, identifying pacing and other  variables before cost estimates can be produced. Our engagement is versatile and adaptive, and we can modify the scope along the way if needed, as dictated by your needs and new information.

The following process produces custom outcomes that offer the perfect blend of formal structure and flexible application.


Team Agility: Why Creekbank Shines

  • We have 150+ cumulative years of ecosystems expertise applied in private, public, and nonprofit sectors.
  • Our consultants come from positions of current, working expertise in their respective fields.
  • We work as a team, drawing from our substantial individual backgrounds.
  • Each associate has stewarded successful outcomes for businesses who seek an integrated bottom line through best practices in ecosystem stewardship, regulatory understanding, and assessment metrics.
  • Our team is both big picture and small detail capable.
  • We are results-focused and process-aware.

Some, But Not All of Our Skills …

  • environmental asset evaluations
  • integrating environmental regulations with conservation outcomes
  • scalable local, regional (species range, watersheds) and national metrics
  • ecological offset costing scenarios for decision-makers
  • process guidance, facilitation, and stakeholder negotiation
  • stewardship program development
  • scalable financing mechanisms for ecological restoration
  • ecological credits market development and sales
  • revenue diversification from natural resources assets
  • natural resources planning and management
  • environmental law and policy advisement
  • preliminary landscape analysis
  • environmental impact and offset assessments
  • conservation measures for avoiding, minimizing, and offsetting unavoidable residual impacts