How We Serve Our Clients

Coaching And Technical Services For Sustainability Leaders


Creekbank Associates offers two types of service to our valued clients. Our Coaching services are designed to empower sustainability leaders to achieve their most important goals. We guide sustainability leaders to be even more successful than they’ve ever been in the past. Our Coaching services are helmed by Creekbank Associates’ CEO and founder, Jody Bickel. Jody has spent the last 25 years working hand-in-hand with some of the best sustainability leaders in the world. She’s learned a lot of lessons, many of which she shares through the Sustainability Leader Insights newsletter.

Through our work with sustainability leaders, we identify and develop the best possible outcomes for enhancing their organization’s Social License to Operate.

We also offer Technical services across a wide array of disciplines. We bring hard-to-find expertise to the table to solve complex technical problems in the environmental services space. Our Team of experts is unrivaled in their core competencies (see Some Of Our Skills Below).

Most of our Coaching services are offered on an annual basis. We find that we have our greatest impact when we have one year to work with sustainability leaders. Our Technical services are usually acquired on a project basis. Both Coaching and Technical services usually begin with a no-obligation discovery session so we can recommend the best-fit services to each client.

Some, But Not All of Our Skills …

  • environmental asset portfolio evaluations
  • deal structure advisement for ecosystem services projects
  • integrating environmental regulations with conservation outcomes
  • scalable local, regional (species range, watersheds) and national metrics
  • ecological offset costing scenarios for decision-makers
  • process guidance, facilitation, and stakeholder negotiation
  • stewardship program development
  • scalable financing mechanisms for ecological restoration
  • ecological credits market development and sales
  • revenue diversification from natural resources assets
  • natural resources planning and management
  • environmental law and policy advisement
  • preliminary landscape analysis
  • environmental impact and offset assessments
  • conservation measures for avoiding, minimizing, and offsetting unavoidable residual impacts
  • evaluation and translation of scientific and technical data
  • communications campaigns and content development

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